Thanks to all...

"All of those that wander are not lost"

On the top of the world...but now headed home!

- That dream of someday is TODAY  -

He got off as planned on February 28th at about 9am from Damascus, VA.   Temps were 26 when we got up, but warmed to 48 by the time he headed down the trail.   Thanks for the wonderful cards, parties, and thoughtful prayers from everyone.   He may be on the trail alone, but in spirit he has all of you along with him!


"All of those that wander are not lost"

Week 5 - Spring is all around me!   Looks like some cooler weather and a little rain in the forecast.  Best news is no SNOW!...WELL THEY WERE WRONG ON THIS ONE!  14 DEGREES, SNOW AND HIGH WINDS ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!